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Integrity Roofing is a prominent roofing contractor Gulfport MS residents have relied on for years. Our commitment to delivering top-notch service and our dedication to excellence have made us a trusted name in the community. Whether you need a roof replacement Gulfport MS or a simple roof repair Gulfport MS, our experienced team of professionals is equipped to handle it all.

Your roof is one of the most critical parts of your home or business, providing protection against the elements. Over time, however, even the most durable roofs can suffer wear and tear. If you notice missing shingles, leaks, or other signs of damage, it may be time to consider a roof replacement. At Integrity Roofing, we understand the importance of a solid roof, which is why we offer comprehensive services, including roof replacement. Our team will carefully assess your current roof, provide a detailed estimate, and then carry out the replacement with precision and care. In addition to roof replacement, we also offer roof repair Gulfport MS residents can trust. Our experienced technicians can quickly identify and address a wide range of roofing issues, from minor leaks to significant structural damage. We use only the highest quality materials and techniques to ensure your roof is repaired properly and will withstand the test of time.

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Roof inspection Gulfport MS is another essential service we provide. Regular roof inspections are crucial for identifying potential problems before they become major issues. Our trained inspectors will thoroughly assess your roof, identifying any areas of concern, and providing recommendations for necessary repairs or maintenance. This proactive approach can help extend the life of your roof and prevent costly repairs down the road.

For those looking to make a positive impact on the environment and save on energy costs, solar panels Gulfport MS is an excellent option. At Integrity Roofing, we offer solar panel installation services that can help you harness the power of the sun and reduce your carbon footprint. Our team of experts will carefully assess your property, design a solar panel system that meets your needs, and install it with precision and care.

Emergencies can happen at any time, and when they do, you need a reliable contractor you can count on. Integrity Roofing offers emergency roofing Gulfport MS services to ensure your property is protected, even in the most challenging situations. Whether it’s a leak that needs immediate attention or damage from a storm, our team is available 24/7 to provide prompt and professional service.

Another service we provide is roof coating Gulfport MS. Roof coating is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your roof and improve its performance. Our team will carefully clean and prepare your roof before applying a high-quality coating that will provide added protection against the elements and help reflect the sun’s rays, keeping your property cooler.

For businesses and commercial properties, we offer specialized services as a commercial roofer Gulfport MS. Our team of experts understands the unique challenges and requirements of commercial roofing and will work with you to design and install a roof that meets your needs and budget.

At Integrity Roofing, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch service, quality workmanship, and exceptional customer satisfaction. From roof replacement to solar panel installation, and everything in between, we are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients in Gulfport, MS, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we look forward to serving you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a reliable roofing contractor in Gulfport involves researching local contractors with a strong reputation for quality work and customer satisfaction. Look for contractors with positive reviews on platforms like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Google, and Yelp. Recommendations from friends and family can also be invaluable. Ensure the contractor has a physical address in or near Gulfport, and don’t hesitate to ask for references from their recent projects.

To verify a Gulfport roofing contractor’s credentials and licensing, ask the contractor for their license number and then check it against the Mississippi State Board of Contractors’ online database or contact the board directly. A reputable contractor will also be willing to provide proof of insurance, including liability and workers’ compensation, which is crucial for your protection.

You might need emergency roofing services in Gulfport if your roof has suffered significant damage due to severe weather events like hurricanes or heavy storms, leading to leaks, missing shingles, or structural damage that exposes your home to further damage. Visible light through the roof in your attic, significant water damage, or a sagging roof deck are urgent signs that require immediate professional attention.

To file a roof insurance claim in Gulfport effectively, document the damage thoroughly with photos and detailed notes as soon as possible. Review your insurance policy to understand your coverage, and contact your insurance company to report the claim. Consider having a reputable roofing contractor, who can provide a detailed report of the damage, assist you through the process to ensure your claim accurately reflects the extent of the damage.

Deciding between roof repair and replacement in Gulfport depends on several factors, including the age of your roof, the extent and type of damage, and the cost implications. Minor damage might only require repairs, but if your roof is near the end of its expected lifespan or the damage is extensive, replacement might be more cost-effective in the long run. Consult with a trusted roofing professional to assess the condition of your roof and provide a recommendation.

To ensure your Gulfport roofing contractor follows safety standards, ask about their safety protocols and training procedures. A reputable contractor will adhere to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and implement safety measures like using harnesses, safety nets, or guardrails. Observing the crew’s practices during the initial stages of work can also provide insights into their commitment to safety.

Understanding your roofing warranty in Gulfport involves reviewing the specifics of both the manufacturer’s warranty, which covers the roofing materials, and the contractor’s warranty, which covers workmanship. Ask for a written copy of both warranties and clarify terms like the warranty length, what is covered, and how to file a claim. A reputable contractor will explain the warranty details and ensure you fully understand your coverage.

Navigating the permit process for roofing in Gulfport involves understanding the local building codes and obtaining the necessary permits before starting any roofing project. A reputable roofing contractor will be familiar with Gulfport’s permit requirements and can handle the application process for you, ensuring that your roofing project is compliant with local regulations.

Addressing leaks and water damage with your Gulfport roofer involves a thorough inspection to identify the source of the leak and the extent of the damage. Be specific about any signs of leaks or water damage you have noticed. A reputable roofer will assess the issue, recommend the best course of action, and repair the damage, ensuring to address both the symptoms and the underlying cause of the leaks.

Ensuring your roofing project complies with Gulfport’s building codes requires hiring a knowledgeable and reputable contractor familiar with the local regulations. The contractor should handle obtaining all necessary permits and ensure that all work meets the specific standards and codes set by the city. Regular inspections during and after the roofing project can also help verify compliance with Gulfport’s building codes.

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Integrity Protection Maintenance Plan

Integrity protection plan, is designed to bring our clients the full benefits of regular roof maintenance. By enrolling in our membership program and paying an annual fee, our valued customers gain exclusive access to a comprehensive roofing maintenance program. This package includes scheduled inspections, thorough cleaning, and prompt handling of minor repairs, ensuring your roof remains in top-notch condition throughout the year.

Roofing Maintenance

Our expert roofing maintenance services ensure the longevity of your roof, safeguarding against wear and tear through proactive care and comprehensive solutions.

Regular Inspections

Trust in our routine roof inspections to catch potential issues before they escalate, providing you with peace of mind and a well-maintained roof that stands strong against the elements.

Thorough Cleaning

Discover the transformative power of our thorough roof cleaning services, revitalizing your roof's appearance and protecting its integrity from debris, moss, and environmental pollutants.

Minor Repairs

From small leaks to damaged shingles, our specialized team excels at prompt and efficient minor roof repairs, preventing minor issues from developing into major problems and ensuring your roof's performance.

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Jerry Foster
Jerry Foster
I recently used Integrity Roofing to install a complete new roof on my home in Biloxi. They gave me a competitive bid, showed up when scheduled and completed the job in a timely manner. I would recommend you call them when you need a new roof.
elester wess
elester wess
Excellent Company! We had our roof replaced by Integrity Roofing. Their crew was very hard working, and did a good clean up after working each day. The roof looks amazing! One of our neighbors loved it so much, they're getting a new one from them. I highly recommend Integrity Roofing.
Nikki T
Nikki T
Integrity Roofing provided a great roofing experience. They were punctual, professional, provided a great roof at a cost-effective price. All in all, I would definately use their services again.
Jordyn Ashli
Jordyn Ashli
Very pleased with the work Integrity Roofing performed. They replaced our roof and did an exceptional job. The guys communicated with us throughout the whole process from helping us choose our shingle color to the thorough clean up afterward. I highly recommend the Integrity Roofing family!
Tanya Kueffer
Tanya Kueffer
Integrity did a complete re-roof on my house, which exceeded all of my expectations. The estimation and proposal process was thorough and done in a timely manner. The estimate was priced competitively (actually lower) to the other proposals I received and included all of the options and elements that were discussed on-site. Revisions for additional work that I requested were also handled very quickly. The crew leader was excellent to work with! I've dealt with many work crews personally and in my previous employment and can safely say that these guys were excellent. I was home throughout the entire job and checked on progress several times a day and I was always impressed by their work rate, focus on the job, and overall professionalism. The roof looks great and I'll recommend Integrity Roofing to anyone and everyone I know that needs roof work.
Eric & Jamie Grace
Eric & Jamie Grace
Integrity roofing completed my roof in Gautier a few months ago and everything went smoothly. Very nice, and respectful people.

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An estimate for Integrity Roofing will typically include several elements, based on which a total cost would be calculated. Here’s a breakdown of what it will include:

  1. Labor: This is usually the highest cost in any roofing estimate. It includes the wages of the workers who will be removing the old roof (if needed), preparing the roof for the new materials, and installing the new roofing materials.

  2. Materials: This includes the cost of all the materials that will be needed for the job such as the shingles, underlayment, flashing, nails, etc.

  3. Waste Removal: This includes the cost of removing and disposing of the old roofing materials.

  4. Overhead: This includes the cost of any necessary permits, insurance, and other general business expenses.

Additionally, there might be other costs as well such as the cost of renting equipment, the cost of any specialty materials that might be needed, etc.

Integrity Roofing would take all of these costs into account and then provide a total estimate for the job. We will provide a detailed written estimate that breaks down all of these costs so that you can see exactly what you are paying for.

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