Frequently Asked Questions

Important questions that you may be asking.. . 

Q. How much damage do I need to have a claim?
 A. Not much really. Marble-size hail can cause substantial granule loss and other shingle damage. 45+ mph winds can break the shingles seals and cause creases and tears. Wind driven rain can cause water damage to the interior walls.
Q. We haven't had any recent "Hail" why call my insurance? 
A. This is a major misconception for insurance claims. In fact the majority of claims we aid in filing are for "Wind" damage. High winds can actually cause significant exterior damage as well as interior leaks!
Q. My roof looks okay from the ground, how do I know if there is sufficient damage to warrant filing a claim?
A.  A Professional Claims Specialist will perform a thorough inspection of your roof. We have a 95% success rate with insurance Claims!
Q. If I file a claim with my insurance company, will I be canceled or will my premiums increase?
A. If you have a "no claims" discount it may be disallowed. We have yet to see a policy canceled because of a storm damage claim.
Q. How long do I have to file a claim?
A. In general, you have one year from the storm date to file a claim with your insurance.
Q. I've been denied by my insurance before. Why would I try again?
A. Integrity Roofing and Renovation, LLC, understands what the insurance companies consider damage and how to mitigate a previously denied claim with your insurance company. We file claims for the damage we find during our inspection not based on a previous contractor's assessment.